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Historical data

NDW started saving traffic data about the most important roads in the Netherlands in the middle of 2009. This has yielded a wealth of historical information that makes an ideal source for conducting analyses - and this source is still growing. 'How has the traffic situation in our region developed in recent years?' 'Have the new measures made travel time more reliable?' Thanks to the historical database and the tools NDW developed to use it, traffic engineers are finding it much easier to answer these kinds of questions.


A major advantage of the NDW historical database is that its users have access not only to their own data but also that of all the other NDW affiliates. Because the partners have agreed on common definitions and calculation rules, the data can easily be combined and processed.


User-friendly tools simplify using the database. To retrieve selections from the database, for example, NDW developed the retrieval module. This module can be used to select historical data according to time and location. The presentation tool instantly turns data from the historical database into tables, maps and graphs.