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Geplaatst op: 31-07-2020

Traffic signs in the Netherlands are now digitally available

A world first: starting this week, the Netherlands will be the first country in the world to publish a digital overview of traffic signs. This includes the image on the board, the designation code and the exact location of the board. The data has been collected by HR Group and is made available via NDW as open data. Information service providers and road authorities can process this data in traffic apps or navigation systems, so road users can receive up-to-date information about the traffic situation on their route. It concerns the data of all signs along provincial and main roads and the signs in the 130 largest municipalities in the Netherlands. After the summer, signs in all smaller municipalities will be added.

Read the full press release from the ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (In Dutch).

NDW, with its expertise in the field of data collection and access, has supported the HR Group as the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management Talking Traffic in realizing and validating the database. In addition, NDW has set up a digital platform to efficiently process and make available> 1 million signs and changes.


Go to the open data page


Benefits for Service Providers and road authorities
Until recently, the combination of exact location, placement next to or above the road, the exact message and the scope of many road signs was not always known. For providers of information services and navigation equipment, exactly this is important information to provide road users with optimum information: about the currently applicable speed limits, parking options or loading and unloading areas. But also about overtaking bans, narrowing of roads, etc. The accuracy and timeliness of such information can contribute to increasing road safety.


For road authorities, such an actual database means that the management of traffic signs can be simplified considerably. In addition, the use of the app developed for this now offers the possibility to process data from temporarily placed signs (such as for road works or events) and adjustments to the signs file quickly and efficiently.


Road authorities can use the data from the up-to-date digital file to organize their traffic sign management and maintenance much more efficiently. With the aforementioned app, the data of every new or temporarily placed board can be quickly and easily included in the national database. The data of changed or removed signs is adjusted in the national traffic sign database. Changing data with the app is well secured, for example through the use of authorization codes, which guarantees the security of the data.

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